The Golden Jubilee Peach - Prunus persica

Golden Jubilee Peach
Mature Height
Dwarf: 8 - 14 feet
Soil Type
Widely adaptable
Sun Exposure
Full Sun
Freestone, Sweet
Support Required
Bloom Period
Late April
Will Produce
3 - 5 years
Pollinator Required
Root Stock
Dwarf: Citation
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The Golden Jubilee Peach, Prunus persica, is the best early peach and produces a flesh that is tender, fine grained, juicy, and has excellent quality.

The Golden Jubilee fruit is medium to large and oblong in shape. It is an attractive yellow skin peach for home use and canning.

This freestone is known for its ability to survive cold winters.

The Golden Jubilee Peach needs clear, hot weather during its growing season and requires well-drained soil as well as a regular fertilizing program.

It also requires heavier pruning than any other fruit trees to maintain size and encourage new growth.

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