The Garden Gold Peach - Prunus persica 'garden gold'

Garden Gold Peach
Mature Height
Dwarf: 8 - 14 feet
Soil Type
Widely adaptable
Sun Exposure
Full Sun
Freestone, Sweet
Support Required
Bloom Period
Late April
Will Produce
3 - 5 years
Pollinator Required
Root Stock
Dwarf: Citation
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The Garden Gold Peach is soft, melting, freestone flesh, and good flavor. Garden Gold Peach has fist-sized yellow fruit with a slight red blush.

This genetic dwarf tree is more vigorous than other miniatures. It blooms a week later too, so it is less susceptible to frost damage.

Garden Gold is self-fruitful and bears up to half a bushel of fruit each year.

It is well adapted to poor soils and ripens in August, 14 days after Elberta.

It requires 600 hours of chilling. Developed by Floyd Zaiger.

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