The Donut Peach - Prunus persica 'donut'

Donut Peach
Mature Height
Standard: 15 - 20 feet
Soil Type
Widely Adaptable
Sun Exposure
Full Sun
Donut shaped
Support Required
Bloom Period
Will Produce
3 - 5 years
Pollinator Required
Harvest Period
Root Stock
Standard: Lovell
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The Donut™ Peach, Prunus persica 'donut' is a Sweet, juicy, white, mild distinct flavor, with clingstone flesh.

The Donut™ Peach or Stark Saturn (Also known as Peento, Saucer, Peentau, or Doughnut) has a doughnut-shaped "flat" fruit with a sunken center and plump outer edge.

Its clingstone flesh has overtones of almond and honey.

The Donut™ Peach is reliable and known for its dependable yields. It is a winter-hardy tree that bears heavy crops of fruit that measures 2 1/4 to 2 3/4 inches in diameter.

It is self-fruitful and ripens in late June or early July in central California, and in some climates, it ripens in August. It requires an estimated 400-500 hours of chilling.

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