The Red Gold Nectarine Tree - Prunus persica var. nectarine 'Red Gold'

The Red Gold Nectarine Tree
  • Pollinator Required ? No
  • Type : semi dwarf
  • Characteristics : sweet
  • Mature Height : 12-14 feet
  • Support Required : No
  • Bloom Period : N/A
  • Sun Exposure : Full Sun
  • Will Produce Fruit In: 3-5 years
  • Harvest Period : Mid Aug
  • Soil Type : all types
  • Zones : 5 - 9

About The Red Gold Nectarine Tree :
The Red Gold nectarine delivers a high quality fruit with a great shelf life. The fruit is large sized, spherical shape, and it has a deep yellow peel that covers for 50-70% by dark red.

The flesh is yellow, highly consistent, and with a good taste. The skin is a glossy red and gold color.

It is a very popular variety with medium-high vigour and productivity. Nectarine cultivars do not require cross pollination and set satisfactory crops with their own pollen.

The Red Gold is the most widely planted nectarine.

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