Independence Nectarine - Prunus persica var. nucipersica

Independence Nectarine

The Independence Nectarine Tree
  • Mature Height: Standard: 15 - 25 feet
  • Soil Type: Widely adaptable
  • Sun Exposure: Full sun
  • Characteristics: Sweet and Tangy, Freestone
  • Support Required: No
  • Bloom Period: N/A
  • Will Produce: 3 to 5 years
  • Pollinator Required: No
  • Harvest Period: Early season
  • Root Stock: Standard Lovell
  • Zones: 5-8


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About the Independence Nectarine Tree :
The Independence Nectarine - Independence, P. persica var. nucipersica 'Independence', is a white-fleshed fruit with deep red skin and has an excellent tangy sweet flavor.

The Independence Nectarine is one of the best nectarines and is hardy to winter cold. Independence ripens very early in the season, well ahead of Redhaven peach.

Most adaptable of all fruit trees for home gardens, The Independence Nectarine is a delightfully decorative tree that will produce frilly pink blossoms in the spring.

Nectarines, like peaches, require well-drained soil and a regular fertilizing program. The nectarine fruit is a variety of the peach tree.

Nectarines and peaches are similar in appearance and color as they differ only by a single gene, the gene for skin texture.

The peach is dull and fuzzy while the nectarine is smooth and shiny. Nectarines contain a good amount of vitamins A and C.

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