The Bartlett Pear Tree
  • Pollinator Required ? No
  • Type : dwarf
  • Characteristics : canning pear
  • Mature Height : 7-10 feet
  • Support Required : No
  • Bloom Period : Mid April
  • Sun Exposure : Full Sun
  • Will Produce Fruit In: 3-5 years
  • Harvest Period : Mid Aug
  • Soil Type : all types
  • Zones : 4 - 9

About The Bartlett Pear Tree :
The Bartlett Pear tree produces a pear that is bright yellow. It is the nations leading pear variety. They tend to bear fruit for up to 50 to 75 years on a good site. The fruit is aromatic and is outstanding for fresh eating. Along with its very sweet and juicy flavor for eating, it is widely used for canning and cooking because of its excellent taste.

The Bartlett Pear trees are self-pollinating, however a pollinator will help the tree bare better fruit. They do require bees to help pollinate. Bartlett Pears do not ripen properly on the tree, so growers pick the fruit when it is mature but green.

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