Earth Right Soil Conditioner

Earth Right Fruit Tree Soil Conditioner:
Contains all vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and amino acids required for Fruit tree growth. Works great also for increased vegetable yields and increases blooms. Vitamin B1 and microbes aid in root development.

Not a fertilizer or wetting agent, but a proven soil conditioner which greatly enhances the ability of the soil to function to its maximum capacity.
• Enhances water and nutrient absorption
• Improves soil structure and aeration
• Dissolves mineral deposits
• Increases water penetration & drainage
• Improves root growth & fertilizer uptake
• Breaks through clay and hardpan layers
• Reduces soil compaction
• Reduces nutrient leaching in sandy soils

Just ad this to the soil when you are planting your trees or any other plants and you will get great results.

$29.99 each

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