The 24 inch Vinyl Tree Wrap

About the 24 inch Vinyl Tree Wrap:

The 24 inch Vinyl Tree Wrap is 1.5 inches in diameter and 24 inches long. The tree guard has tough vinyl spiral construction for quick and easy installation. There are holes punched in material to allow for air and moisture circulation.

The tree wrap can be easily cut to make shorter lengths if needed. This works great if you some times get a little carried away with the weed eater or to stop cats from using the tree as a scratching post.

If you need protection from rabbits you should wrap the tree with something like chicken wire as rabbits if they have enough time or are very hungry may be able to get through this wrap.

If you need a more Heavy Duty tree protector see our 24 36 and 48 inch HD Mesh Tree Protectors. These will provide protection from most all critters including weed eaters.


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